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Information for Researchers

Available Clinical Biospecimens

The ADTB is able to provide the following fresh, fresh frozen, formalin-fixed or paraffin-embedded tissues: blood, bone marrow (sternal), breast tissue, fat, gut (stomach, duodenum, ileum, colon), heart & thoracic vessels, kidney, liver, lower urinary tract, lungs & trachea, lymph nodes (mesenteric, lung-draining, branchial, axillary), pancreas, prostate (males), salivary glands, skin, spleen, thymus and tonsils. 

The ADTB works closely with researchers to maximise the opportunity for successful experiments by ensuring the ideal sample is provided. Fresh samples are usually shipped to researchers on the day of donation surgery.

Hours of Operation


Sample collection typically occurs Monday to Friday, although researchers may make a special request to be notified of samples outside of standard office hours. Researchers will be notified about potential organ/tissue donation 4 - 24 hours prior to the donation operation and will receive information about the tissues available. Samples are usually delivered in the afternoon or evening. 

Application Process


The following steps are required to apply for ADTB access:  


  1. Read the ADTB How to Apply and Conditions of Use document.

  2. Contact the ADTB to notify us of your intention to apply at

  3. Complete a Sample Access Form and attach the required documents.

  4. Await review by the ADTB Sample Access Committee (estimated 2-week turnaround) and the Lifeblood Ethics Committee (may take up to 20 business days).

  5. Add your details to the ADTB Material Transfer Agreement template and submit this to your local institutional Research and Governance Office for review.

Amendment Process

To submit an amendment request, please follow these steps: 

  1. Seek approval for an ethics amendment from your local Human Research Ethics Committee if the proposed changes fall outside the scope of your current ethics approval.

  2. Complete the ADTB Amendment Request Form. 

  3. Send the completed form along with any supporting documents to

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