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About the ADTB:
Integrating organ donation with medical research

The Australian Donation and Transplantation Biobank (ADTB) is an investigator-led resource which links eligible medical researchers with donated clinical biospecimens that are not being used for life-saving transplantation. It was established in 2019 in a collaborative effort between Austin Health Liver Transplant Unit, Austin Health Department of Infectious Diseases and DonateLife Victoria.

​The Australian Donation and Transplantation Biobank (ADTB) aims to improve opportunities for people to donate organs or tissues after their death for use in medical research, and to make it easier for researchers to conduct valuable research using donated organs and tissues. The ADTB provides an organized system for collection of tissue or organ samples for use in research at the time of recovery of donor organs or tissues for use in transplantation. It then distributes these samples to researchers who have received ethics approval for specific research projects.


Australian researchers are able to apply for access to ADTB samples. Their application will be assessed by the ADTB Sample Access Committee to ensure their research is feasible and is ethically approved. The ADTB then coordinates sample retrieval and distribution as well as linkage with de-identified clinical data.

We would like to thank organ donor families for donating to the ADTB

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Our Vision

To advance medical research through the provision of high-quality human tissue samples from organ donors and transplant recipients​

Core Values

Respect        Organ and tissue donation for research is a precious gift 


Excellence    The provision of high-quality samples to researchers 


Integrity         Reliable and ethical sample collection, storage and distribution 


Impact           Improved access to donated samples to advance medical discovery 

  • Tissue procurement and distribution for a range of anatomical sites

  • Access to fresh, fresh frozen and formalin-fixed tissue

  • Linkage to de-identified clinical data

  • Dedicated research and communications team to process new applications and notify approved researchers regarding new samples

  • Sample distribution direct to laboratory

Our Services
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