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Sharing insights into the challenges of after-hours sampling at ABNA conference

18 Oct 2023

Dr Claire Gordon was invited to share the challenges faced by ADTB in collecting samples after hours at the 20th annual Australian Biospecimen Network Association (ABNA) conference took place at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast.


“ADTB is one of a few programs worldwide that facilitate access to healthy human tissue samples immediately after death”, said Dr Gordon.


She explained that while priority is given to viable organs suitable for transplantation, the ADTB program is able to acquire samples from organs unsuitable for transplant, which is vital for studying memory T-cells that reside in organs like the lung.


The considerable logistics involved at all stages of this process were also described. ​



This article was adapted from an original article in the October 2023 Bio-Babble issued by ABNA.

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